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TINAKIDS and her adventure.

“My adventure began at seven years old, playing my sweet flute among the colourful mountain, where I grew up, while playing outdoors or rehearsing in the children’s choir, going to camps with open fires and playing the guitar or studying.

One day I decided to leave to seek new adventures, so, I took a deep breath, very deep, I filled my lungs with all that life had to offer, to take it with me on the road forever, travelling, travelling … until I arrived in the big city.

I was so excited to be accepted to study at the Conservatory where I achieved Diplomas qualifying me to teach music and direct choirs. I taught many classes and organised concerts  near and far, singing, directing or playing my flute. Some places  were very prestigious, embelliched with gold and others were very small without any chairs; In every place I felt happy making music and furthering my knowledge and skills.

Then came a day when I decided to take a giant step to the continent of my grandparents: Europe. I packed my flute, my musical scores, books and socks in my suitcase and took a plane to the Costa del Sol.

I have enjoyed more than 18 years of fun organizing events and entertainment for children from all countries. I explored many avenues which led me to projects that enriched my backpack of ideas. I worked with so many kids of different backgrounds and ages. I saw my own children grow and I continued to learn: I have been a choir director (German School of Marbella), judged musical competition (International “Jugend Musiziert”), designed and executed an intensive course for teachers (“Music and the game” – Diputación de Málaga), created a children’s radio program (“La Isla Azul” RRNetwork), and composed music to help children learn languages (English “Ale Kids”)..  My backpack was bursting with all my musical knowledge and teaching skills. 

One day I felt that my backpack shaking, tickling me, I kept moving… something wanted to escape, to come out !!! I peeked inside … and suddenly … infinite ideas and concepts of all kinds jumped out and whirled around me in all directions. I signalled to them with my hands as if they were my choir … and quickly ordered them onto the blank sheets of a notebook so that no idea or innovation could escape. It was these ideas and concepts, before me in bright inks, that helped me realise my dreams of educating and entertaning children with music. Ideas awoke within me and my dreams became Tina Kids.

Hopefully these creations that contain all my love and a little of what I have learnt through my adventures, well accompany and enrich many children’s learning experience through life, provide magical entertainment and many happy moments for boys and girls all over the world !!!